Sustainability Policy

Gardner Pinfold endeavors to conduct its business in the most sustainable manner possible. Gardner Pinfold, through its project work, develops community sustainability plans for many communities and conducts research at a national level on climate change issues.

In general, Gardner Pinfold’s long-term sustainability goal is to reduce or eliminate where possible greenhouse gas emissions produced through its business practice.

We take a holistic approach by giving full consideration to:

Environmental Consideration
  • Manage waste stream and ensure maximum recycling
  • Limit printing
  • Eliminate plastic cups
  • Reduce electricity consumption (no central air conditioning, natural light used during daytime hours)
  • Maintain office space in refurbished building
  • Encourage staff to cycle, walk or carpool to work
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Upgrade furnace to high efficiency duel-fired boiler for central heating, and install programmable thermostats
  • Use manual mower for lawn care
Economic Consideration
  • Procure supplies locally
  • Source subcontractors locally
  • Encourage meetings be conducted by conference call
  • Ensure energy-efficient technology and practices are utilized
  • Support downtown revitalization (maintaining office space in core business district)
Social Consideration
  • Support employees in working at home using company-supplied equipment
  • Promote employee health and fitness
  • Donate to various social causes
  • Support employees in continuing education


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